All things new again!

Posted August 21st, 2014 in Uncategorized

Since the Queen of Tarts’ last blogged, much has changed at Oregon Fruit Products.  We have introduced new products and relaunched our wonderful iconic products with a new look.  We want to share this great new look.


All great brands evolve, and we are just tickled about the classic Oregon brand – with the additional focus on Specialty Fruit.  Let’s be honest.  That’s what we are.  Also note the increased prominence of the honey bee on our logo and cans.  The humble bee is a critical part of the lifecycle of our fruits and we honor their valient efforts to continue their important jobs.  Watch as we look to invest community funds and to aid in understanding the loss of so many precious bees in our regions.


Also, take a look at our gorgeous new cans.  The look first arrived in our plant in Salem, Oregon in the late winter, and some of you have seen the new cans on your local shelf.  We think the new graphics capture our specialty fruits, but the black can carries back to our long heritage and brand identity. Do  you agree?

Watch for new recipes and ideas here and on our web site –  You will see a terrific facelift on the web site, too.  Be well, and bake on!

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