Refreshing Front Porch “Mocktails”!

Posted July 30th, 2010 in Drinks, Recipe

A relatively new phenomenon in restaurants is the “mocktail”- a very hip beverage that has all kinds of pizzazz without any alcohol.  Kids love them like the fantastic lemonades you can find at Ruby Tuesday with all kinds of berry varieties like strawberry, Marion berry or raspberry.

These drinks are a LONG way away from the Shirley Temples my kids loved to get as a special treat. Adults who either don’t drink or are the designated driver for the evening want to treat themselves to something fancy and interesting.  I had one at a new, trendy restaurant that I thought was fantastic and I could have had several (and still drove my friends safely home).  So I thought I would copy it and serve it to my friends who drop over to sit on the front porch and hang out.  This restaurant called it a Blackberry Sweet Tart and I think it is an appropriate name.

All you have to do is muddle a hand full of mint, about ¼ cup of Oregon Fruit Blackberries and some crushed ice in a mason jar.  Muddling has a special tool but really you can just use a wooden spoon. The idea is to use the ice to bruise the mint leaves and blackberries to release their intense flavor.  Fill the glass with equal parts blackberry juice and sparkling water and squeeze in a quarter of a lime.  Serve with a fat straw.

Those of you who must add a shot of vodka have my permission; just make sure you are walking home.

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  1. These sound delicious, and I love the idea of serving in canning jars!

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