Oregon Fruit Cherry Garcia pie

Posted December 29th, 2009 in Desserts

GarciapieJust rented the movie “Woodstock” and I LOVED it! Demetri Martin and Liv Schreiber were hilarious although I would have liked A LOT more music. It got me thinking about the 60s, which led me to Jerry Garcia, which led me to Cherry Garcia and the absolutely fantastic Soy Ice Cream I bought at Trader Joe’s. It is chocolate cherry chunk and it is amazing! So, in keeping with the stream of consciousness musings with a “foodie flair,” I decided to try out an Oregon-Cherry Garcia Pie.

I started with a can of Oregon Fruit Dark Sweet Bing Cherries and made some Jello with the juice. Somewhere in the archives of my brain I recalled making Bavarian cream in Home Ec class in high school. Although I’m trying to forget most of high school, that Bavarian cream was pretty fabulous. You basically fold whipped cream into Jello. I added the cherries cut in half and some chopped dark chocolate, put the whole thing into an Oreo cookie crust and topped it with large dollops of more whipped cream with a dusting of shaved chocolate.

After chilling for a couple of hours I decided that I couldn’t be trusted alone in the house with this pie. Maybe next time I should just play some old Joan Baez. Certainly a lot less calories. I think the antioxidants in the cherries and the dark chocolate made up for it. Oh the lengths I can go to justify dessert. Just to be safe I shared it with family and friends. They loved it. My daughter Allison’s boyfriend, Mario proclaimed it a “seriously groovy” pie! This would make a spectacular New Year’s Eve pie.

PS. If you want the recipe click on the Fab photos to go to Oregonfruit.com. And because my sister made me, you can get the “skinny version” too!

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