Blueberry Meal-In-A Muffin

Posted January 7th, 2010 in Breakfast, Superfood

Log MuffinsAs I mentioned last time, my niece has been asking me for a really great blueberry muffin recipe that is also healthy. So I thought I would give that a try. We are five days into our New Year’s resolutions and I wanted to create a baked treat loaded with satisfying healthy ingredients that could serve as breakfast on the go. I found a recipe that had most of what I was looking for. I made a few adjustments and Voila! I stole a tip from Alton Brown on the Food Network-save about ¼ cup of the blueberries and just sprinkle them on top before baking. Press them into the batter with the back of a spoon. They look just like they are bursting with blueberries! This recipe is moist and delicious because of the applesauce and just a bit of oil. It also has buttermilk which I love for baking but let’s be real, buttermilk is a pain. No one drinks it. If you use it for baking you throw away 90% of it every time. So I am standing in the checkout line buying yet another quart of buttermilk for these muffins knowing full well that in a couple of weeks I won’t even try it, I’ll just toss it. Because who would know if buttermilk was sour anyway? So the checker asks me if I drink the stuff. I tell her I just use it to bake with and she tells me they sell powdered buttermilk! WHO KNEW??? Anyway I am now a fan. You just make it when you need it, what a concept.

The muffins are jam packed with whole grain, fiber and antioxidants for a jump start to an active day.

These muffins are starting to smell REALLY GOOD, I wonder if they will make it to breakfast…

*Tip: Store them in the freezer and microwave for about 30 seconds before running off to work. They taste warm and delicious like you got up at 4 a.m. to bake. (of course that would be just nuts!)

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  1. Those look wonderful. Am I missing the recipe though? I would like to make them.

    • The recipe is on the left side panel. Sorry, I posted it after I did the blog and the picture isn’t linked as of yet. Learning every day! Hope to have it fixed soon.

  2. Maybe this morning I will make some, snow on ground here in Georgia (rare), Atlanta area, so perfect day to make these delicious muffins.
    Now to find that recipe :)

  3. The Bluebery Meal-In a muffin looks great.
    I have a teenager who doesn’t eat breakfast!
    Can’t wait to entice her with these.

  4. So great to hear from all of you! I would love to have your feedback on these muffins after you try them. Teenagers can be a tough crowd so I can’t wait to hear her reaction. Thanks for reading!!

    Happy Baking!
    The Queen

  5. They look great!

    Do you have any recipes using the Whole Purple Plums? I love those plums….love ‘em. I’m thinking a tart, either plums all the way through, or with a savory cheese interior.

  6. Hi Eve,

    I have a couple of good plum recipes and will be posting in the next couple of weeks so keep coming back! In the meantime, you can check in the recipe section and also check out, one of our readers, Laura Flowers has a FANTASTIC Plum pie on her site. I am really intriqued by the savory cheese filling, going to work on that!!
    Thanks so much,
    The Queen

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