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Posted June 11th, 2010 in Healthy Tips, News in Produce

Recently we received a letter from a “fruit fan” in Texas singing the praises of Red Tart Cherries in Water.  This gentleman reminded me of the fantastic healing properties of this particular fruit and I wanted to share them.  For years we have been receiving letters touting the benefits of cherries for gout relief.  There has been a cult following among the holistic community who has always known that cherries made gout sufferers feel better.  Dr. Ludwig Blau first reported in a Texas Medical Journal in the 1950’s that a diet including 6 cherries per day provided complete relief from the crippling pain in his big toe in just a few days.  His personal physician replicated these results on 12 patients.  “Gout is a form of arthritis which afflicts about 1 million Americans and doctors say it is on the rise.  The pain results from a build up in uric acid that condenses into sharp crystals that lodge in the joints and the connective tissue around them, resulting in inflammation.” ¹.  According to the Cherry Marketing Institute, a recent study by University of Michigan researchers revealed a cherry-enriched diet reduced inflammation markers in animals by up to 50 percent. Other studies indicate that the anthocyanins in cherries may be beneficial for a range of inflammatory-related conditions, including arthritis and gout. Charles from Texas confirmed in his recent letter that eating a half a can of our Red Tarts a day cleared up his flare up in just a few days. I have sent cherries to my friend Theresia, in Mississippi and my brother, Kevin, in Seattle, both dealing with painful gout. My niece, Jessica learned about the potential benefits of cherries for inflammation in Medical School.  It appears that current scientific research supports anecdotal folk wisdom. Although “The Queen” does not presume to dispense medical advice, it can’t hurt to try a food remedy, especially a delicious one. So, if you are experiencing painful inflammation, try my Tart Cherry Citrus Smoothie for breakfast everyday and I bet you will feel better. 

¹Selene Yeager, The Doctors Book of Food Remedies

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