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Kitchen Gadgetry: Plastic Bowl Scraper

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Posted December 1st, 2010 in Gadgets & Gizmos

Every once in awhile I like to share kitchen gadgetry that make baking and cooking easier. I’ve learned that great kitchen tools don’t have to be pricey. A few months ago I wrote about the Cuisinart Immersion Blender which is priced at $30. This month, my recommendation is even less expensive. In fact, this kitchen gadget would make for a great stocking stuffer!

I picked up the Plastic Bowl Scraper at BlogHer Food last month. It’s available on Amazon for only $2.35. It works beautifully to lift a pie crust from counter or pastry mat. Of course, you can also use it to scrape bread or brownie batter from the bowl (or in emergency situations frost off your car windshield! What other kitchen gadgetry could do that?) I like how the scraper fits well in my hand and is dishwasher safe.

I’m curious, what’s your favorite low-priced kitchen gadget?

Fall Finds for the Kitchen

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Posted October 5th, 2010 in Gadgets & Gizmos, Serving with Style

Fall is officially in the air, so today’s post is all about welcoming the season appropriately. Check out these food related finds:

For those who love to bake, Williams-Sonoma has a new Bakers Spice Kit that includes six essential spices including Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Sugar, Whole Allspice, Whole Cloves, Whole Nutmeg and Ground Saigon Cinnamon.

One of my favorite blogs, Gluten Free Girl and the Chef, has just released a new cookbook by the same name. Shauna proves that you can still enjoy food, even sweet baked treats, regardless of a gluten allergy.

With busy school and work schedules, it can be tough to make time to cook. If you’re looking for a homemade treat without the hassle, you can actually purchase homemade pumpkin butter on Etsy for only $5.00! Or, Trader Joe’s also has a delicious option.

This lovely leaf plate is another unique Etsy find. It’d be perfect to hold a snack of raw almonds (or candy corn, if you have a sweet tooth). I think it could also be used as a candle holder.

Leave me a comment with a link to your favorite “fall find.”

Kitchen Gadgetry: All-in-One Cuisinart Immersion Blender

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Posted September 7th, 2010 in Gadgets & Gizmos

In all my years spent in the kitchen, I’ve realized proper kitchen tools are key to a fun, easy and tasty experience. Recently, I’ve been blending and puree-ing to my heart’s desire with a new gadget from Cuisinart called the Smart Stick Hand Blender.

This small but powerful device quickly purees soups, blends batter, and mixes beverages without having to transfer your food to a separate container. It’s actually very quiet (good for you moms out there with kids who still nap) and it has an easy-to-rinse pop-off blade. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe which makes it even better in my book.

I recently used my immersion blender to create Sweet Cherry and Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, but there are plenty of other recipes that would also be made easy with a tool like this. The Home Shopping Network has a YouTube video about this handy little product which I thought was helpful to see how it works.

You can order this product on Amazon or on the Cuisinart site for around $30 dollars.

Do you have any favorite recipes you make using an immersion blender? Any other gadgets I need to know about for my own kitchen?

Dessert Decorator Pro

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Posted July 7th, 2010 in Gadgets & Gizmos

My family will attest— I love desserts. One of the great things about making fruit desserts is you can dress fruit up or down. For instance, my last post showed just how easy it is to make beautiful (and tasty) popsicles in no time. But, when you want a dessert for a special occasion—a birthday brunch or wedding shower—canned fruit can also be dressed up. One of my favorite tools for making great fruit desserts is Wilton’s Dessert Decorator Pro.

I bought this tool last summer as a gift for myself after my piping bag tore and I made a really big mess.  The first time I used it was for my Cherry Garcia Pie and it turned out so lovely I even impressed myself. I have used it for fancy cupcakes as well.  I made some pretty good copies of the Cupcake Shop cupcakes for Valentine’s Day using this gizmo.

I prefer this tool over a piping bag because it’s easier to manage. The tip doesn’t fly off, and you don’t risk blobs of mousse or frosting exploding on your almost finished dessert. I have always received compliments when I use this tool because people think the finished product looks professional.  My daughter thought the tarts we made looked just like some we got in Paris.

If you’re an avid dessert maker, I can’t recommend this tool enough. But, I’d love to hear your thoughts too. Have you tried a tool like this one? Do you prefer it over a piping bag? Why or why not?

Serving with Style- Fruit Basket Apron

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Posted June 25th, 2010 in Gadgets & Gizmos, Serving with Style

Creating tasty food is even more fun when you have cute kitchen accessories. Because I work in the food industry, I always keep my eyes out for great kitchen products. Sometimes, having unique serving ware makes all the difference in food creation and presentation. Occasionally I’ll be sharing some of my favorite finds here.

I couldn’t resist posting my most recent discovery on Etsy —a seller named the Apron Queen has a huge assortment of unique aprons! It only seems fitting that the Queen of Tarts should own her best-selling fruit basket apron.  I love the yellow bow—very flattering around the waist—and the big pockets for holding spoons or a potholder. I had been planning to make an official Queen of Tarts apron. Instead, I ordered this today and am thinking of embroidering the Queen of Tarts logo on the front.  This will save a lot of time (and may actually happen!).

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