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Good morning everyone and thanks for playing along in our first ever Queen of Tarts Blog Giveaway!  If I had a drumroll this where it would go:  Da da da DA!

TERRI POWELL has won the $50 Amazon Gift Card for sharing her very poignant memories about cooking with her Grandma.  Those memories and the stories we tell about them help keep special people alive for us and for our children.  Thanks for sharing with us, Terri and everyone else as well!  (I have to admit I cried several times while reading your comments.)

Cooking (and of course, eating!) is rooted in the very fabric of our society. It defines our sense of community and well, humanity!  I read an article in Supermarket News recently (I know I need a life and when I tell you about the article that sentiment will be confirmed) by Phil Lempert.

He wrote: “Chef Michael Feker, restaurateur and proprietor of CMF’s School of Culinary Magic , located in Wauwatosa, Wis. recently announced a new program concept based on getting couples cooking, because in his view, those that “Cook Together Stay Together.”  Well, I don’t think there are many scientific studies on the topic but according to the Centers for Disease Control almost half of all marriages end in divorce, so cooking with your spouse or partner is definitely worth a shot-it’s a great way to bond and learn new cooking skills-but as everyone who has ever worked in foodservice establishment knows, it also teaches teamwork, problem solving and can increase communication.”

Lempert advocates for recipe creation and in-store cooking classes that are written for two, dividing up the prep the same way “a composer writes music for individual instruments or a jazz session builds on each member’s talents to create a masterpiece.”  Gotta love the musical metaphor!

So I think we have our next giveaway idea. Stay tuned!

Thanks so much for joining our community.

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