Valentine’s Day Dessert for Whoever You Love…

Posted February 13th, 2011 in Holiday, Posts

Everyone needs a good Valentine’s Day dessert idea. Since I don’t actually have a “valentine” per se this year I spent some time contemplating LOVE this week.  How was I going to celebrate the holiday of lovers without a boyfriend?  I knew right away the Valene’s Day dessert recipe I was going to make:  Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with Warm Two Cherry Compote.  For me the food is always the easy part.  I started to think about what love actually is.  Maintaining a relationship of any type certainly involves patience. As I have told you that is the primary lesson I am learning via my house remodel.  On Friday I set out to make this fabulous cheesecake. Russ, my contractor and his helper, Scott were working in the kitchen. It made for a very interesting baking experience for all of us. Picture the scene-me melting chocolate on the stove sharing the step ladder with Russ as he made several trips to the garage cutting the perfect angle for the crown molding which was being installed directly over the stove (and as such, my head).  Then I moved over to the counter to prepare the filling and I was directly in the path of Scott who was trying to put up some finishing pieces to the cabinetry.  They were extremely kind to me as I was in their way A LOT. I am sure it was the smell of chocolate that inspired their jovial mood. I asked for their advice about the topping. They both agreed that a blend of tart and sweet cherries was a must to balance the richness of the chocolate cheesecake. When I debated the need for whipped cream they were emphatic about whipped cream and Valentines Day. I won’t even go into that.

So for the rest of my weekend…later that day my daughter Allison volunteered to help me write the thank you letters for the recent donations we received at our fund raiser for Full Circle Treatment Center.  That is true love as she knows how lame I am with the computer and she whipped them out in record time.  Kaitlin showed up late Friday night because she and I were meeting one of my oldest friends, Paula for a Valentine’s Day Charity 4 mile run on Saturday morning. (Paula actually sent me a version of this recipe in 2002!)  The day was glorious, the company even better. We were doing something for ourselves and each other. That’s love.  Kaitlin completed the run beating her goal by 7 whole minutes and ran most of the race with Sacramento Mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson.  All in all a great day!

Today we are meeting a group of our favorite women for musical theatre in San Francisco.  In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is everyday when you get to spend it with people you love and who love you back.

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  1. Hiii , m so happy to find ur blog:-)
    More soo coz i lovveee and use Oregon products when baking and they are excellent!
    Specially so as i live in a land where blue berries and cherries are a rare find:-)
    Looking forward for lods more and yeah , will keep baking with ur goods!
    The first time i baked with ur products , was a cherry cornmeal upside down cake and fell in love , u bet…those bing cherries….
    Happy V week with lodsa love always and happy sunshine …
    Oh lovee is so in the air by 365…

    • Wow! All the way from India! We are so honored to have you visit us! That Cherry Cornmeal Upside Down Cake looks amazing and I will be making it soon. Thanks so much! The Queen

  2. Dark chocolate cheesecake. That sounds so amazing! I love how all the blogs are coming out with these great baking projects for Valentine’s!

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