Time to Say Goodbye

Posted January 13th, 2013 in News, Posts

Hello all you Oregon Fruit Fans!

I have been the National Sales Manager at Oregon Fruit for 16 years now. I have loved every minute of my time here, the customers, the consumers, the staff, the brokers, and you, the readers have enriched my life beyond measure and I am grateful for each and everyone!

I have decided to make a pretty dramatic life change.  I am going to work for a local Sacramento Non-profit that provides housing and support services to the homeless mentally ill.

I will be the Director of Development and Community Relations so my job is to raise money and raise awareness for this important work in my community.  I have been in the food business in one area or another for my entire adult life (and some of my childhood) so I think it is time for a new chapter.

I am sure I will not stop baking, cooking or following cooking blogs and watching the Food Network it will just be for pleasure from here.

My last Oregon Fruit Recipe was prepared on Christmas and was a completely decadent  Yule Log Cake. I didn’t use my regular recipe as I wanted a deeper chocolate cake.  The recipe I used was not really suited to the jelly roll application as it was just too moist but as is usually the case, the mistake turned out fantastic.  The cake cracked all over the place as I tried to roll up the jelly roll with the filling. It was kind of a mess during the process but the finished product looked so much more realistic than anything I could have constructed.  It reminded me that all those platitudes are basically true:  Progress not perfection is the goal.

The Queen’s Ten Commandments

1) Break a few rules (and eggs!)

2) Have fun in the kitchen first and foremost!

3) Bake what you like and eat what you bake

4) You can fix almost anything

5) Doesn’t have to be pretty just delicious

6) Get your family involved, Cooking should be shared

7) Hide some fruit and vegetables in everything

8) Share your finished product with your neighbor and make a friend: “got anymore cake” my neighbor Joe

9) Get outside

10) tell someone you love them before it’s too late


Thank you for sharing your time with me!! Please check back for a new voice from Oregon Fruit.  The blog is not leaving,  only I am.

The Queen

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  1. Say it isn’t so! I will miss you so much, Queennie! I have so loved your blog! Vaya con Dios and muchas gracias, Dear!

    • This is so bittersweet!! But I know the next iteration of this blog will be GREAT!!
      Thanks so much for your support, The Queen

  2. Congratulations! You did it! Will miss you on this blog, but anxious to follow your new endeavor.

  3. Beautiful letter from a beautiful person! You will be missed by all your OF fans! Wishing you much success in this new endeavor!

  4. Your dedication to this site and the love for baking and cooking have given all so much insight. I wish you the best, I am sure your past experiences w/Oregon Fruit will help give you direction in your new venture. Congratulations – thank you for wonderful stories and recipes!

  5. Dearest Queen of Tarts from the Queen Mother. I am so proud of you and wish you success and happiness in your new endeavor. I will miss your blog and stories and recipes but Oregon Fruit’s loss will certainly be your new company’s gain.
    You have set a wonderful precedent which I hope for the next Princess.

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