Sushi Smackdown Blueberry Style

Posted September 23rd, 2011 in News, Posts

I am a huge fan of the Food Network competition shows and recently, to my delight, I found out about a pilot being filmed in Sacramento called Sushi Smackdown. Four local restaurants are competing for bragging rights to the best sushi in town.  There were four rounds on four consecutive nights. They serve 18 sushi items over a three hour period served family style. You sit at tables with strangers, share sushi, sake and laughs while voting on your favorite items. IT WAS CRAZY- loud, raucous, delicious and way over the top.  One restaurant pulled out after week 3 citing “management meltdown”. This is not for the rookie restaurateur.

The second time we went we actually employed strategy so as not to eat ourselves sick.  The second restaurant was A LOT better than the first and we were excited to be on hand when my local sushi place, Miso, located walking distance from my house, won first place! 

My dining companions Kelly and Kitty and I had a blast.  Our table mates were delightful-two young Asian men one a student and the other a former sushi chef turned HR manager and a really nice couple I would enjoy getting together with again.  I would be sharing a photo but I look really bad in it and I am way too vain to share such an ugly picture.

During a brief food interlude I lamented to my tablemates that I really wanted to write about this experience and I was having a hard time working Oregon Fruit into Sushi and then it hit me-Dessert Sushi!!!  I shared my idea and we brainstormed.  I met my friend Kitty at a cooking class so she is a creative cook and has already shared some good new Oregon Fruit ideas.  So for today I give you: BLUEBERRY SUSHI!!!  I have to say, it rocks!  I think I will run it by Miso to see if they want to use it at their next Sushi Smackdown. 

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  1. I like your blog. However, blueberry sushi might be a hard sell.

    As a cook and recipe contest winner, I experiment constantly and give credit where credit is due; especially when it comes to creativity. Some results are heaven to the tastebuds and others, well – not so much.

    I prepare sushi regularly, have facilitated sushi parties and taught sushi making to novices. I love the stuff and I love Oregon blueberries; so does my Japanese American husband.

    Having been served creamy rice pudding by my Aussie mum, as a child, I might like blueberry sushi – after all, it’s sweet – always a plus with me. As for hubby, he’d shivver and gasp at the thought of dessert sushi. It’s a bit too much fusion for his taste and not like anything his family ever served.

  2. Hi Judith,
    I definitely defer to you and your husband on the dessert sushi matter. However one of the restaurants in the smackdown made a rice crispie treat sushi so I thought I would be within range to experiment. The color of the rice turned out really pretty. Thanks for reading!! The Queen

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