Quick Bread for a Quick Trip

Posted October 6th, 2012 in In the Kitchen, Posts

Yesterday morning I got up at 5am to pack the car for a long weekend at the Southern California Beach to celebrate my mom’s 86th birthday. I realized immediately that I had forgotten to bake my weekly blog recipe, let alone post!  My plan all week had been to try a Blackberry Lemon Quick bread I saw on a blog I like called Italian Food Forever.  Her photos of the Umbrian countryside and fresh picked blackberries were truly inspiring.  Although the fresh berry season in California is over and they are no longer abundant in the local farmer’s markets and the can pack at our plant in Oregon was completed nearly a month ago, I still can’t get enough blackberries. Thankfully I had all the ingredients for this recipe in my fridge and pantry including a can of Oregon Fruit blackberries. 

I was about to find out just how quick a quick bread could be. I assembled the ingredients and this bread came together in 10 minutes flat. I popped it in the oven and proceeded to pack the car and get ready to leave. Just before 6am I pulled out a beautiful golden loaf, wrapped it in a dish towel and left for the beach! That’s quick.

Last night my parent’s and I sampled this delicious cake at sunset overlooking Laguna Beach and I was filled with gratitude along with cake.  My parent’s have 20 years of sunset pictures at this place. Just 6 months ago they were facing the harsh reality that their traveling days were over. My formerly spry dad was becoming increasingly debilitated from the pain of a degenerative back condition.  His long walks were over and he was lucky to just get around in his house.  A surgeon we all called “Dr. Happy” assured him that surgery would have him back on the golf course in under a year, pain free. That was funniest because my dad does not golf.  However, here we are 90 days later and my dad is back-all the way back. His mind and wit are sharp again and he is waiting for me to finish this so we can take a long walk on the beach.  I just hope I can keep up with this almost 88 year old with the constitution of someone much younger, sometimes much younger than ME!

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  1. Once again, this post inspires me to try a new recipe and warms my heart! Thank you for the smiles! Lynn

  2. What a wonderful story. You are a good daughter. They are blessed to have you. See you at work.

  3. Hi Erin, What a wonderful story. I need to get the name of Dr Happy. My back may also need his services someday. For now,I am still good. But, I have my days! I am going to try the Lemon Blackberry Quickbread. Looks delicious. Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing the good memories, then and now.

  4. Those lucky parents just had the wonderful experience of finishing up that incredible black-berry lemon quick-bread with a fresh cup of coffee still gazing at the new sunset.
    Dear Queen of Tarts we are so fortunate to have you share your talents with us.

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