Pork n Cherries-A Marriage Made in Heaven

Posted March 8th, 2011 in In the Kitchen, Posts

I have confessed before my love and addiction to the Food Network. Kaitlin and I spend way too much time talking about our favorite shows and chef’s.  We used to make fun of Allison in junior high when she talked about teen tv stars like they were her friends. I have the feeling we sound a lot like that with our favorite chefs.  We like to believe they would enjoy chatting with us if we met them out in the world just as much as we would enjoy them.  I am personally going to hold on to that fantasy. Which brings me to Guy Fieri.  We LOVE Diners, Drive Ins  and Dives and try to find those hot spots wherever we go.  Recently the show visited a joint in my new neighborhood, Dad’s Kitchen and I feel a bit of the reflected celebrity.  Once my kid’s dad was so excited about a sausage shop he saw on the show that he insisted I try to find it on one of my trips to Oregon. I walked all over downtown Portland asking shop owners and street people for about 2 hours and never found the joint. That place was a real food secret!

Guy has another show called Guy’s Big Bite and Kaitlin has a very big crush on Guy. She called me pretty excited last week when there was a feature on pork chops and tart cherries. She was offended as was I that the canned cherries he was using were not from Oregon Fruit but that is probably just because he didn’t know any better. So I had to make this Cherry Bomb Pork recipe in homage to Guy. Let me tell you this sauce ROCKS! It blends so well with the pork and really makes the two main ingredients greater than the sum of the parts.  I used a pork loin instead of the chops that were originally featured and as you can they turned out beautifully. This is a great meal for company but it’s really simple enough to treat your family on a week night if you were so inclined.

 This same episode featured an amazing looking Bloody Mary made with roasted heirloom tomatoes. As fantastic as it looked it was a little too much work for me.  So this morning I am heading to one of the West Coasts most beautiful spot, the outdoor bar Nelson’s at Terranea resort. They have a great assortment of unique bloody mary’s and you can look out over the Pacific Ocean while you sip. 

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