Oh My, Let’s Bake a Pie

Posted October 13th, 2012 in Desserts, In the Kitchen, Posts, Recipe


Last year there was some talk in the food trends world that the cupcake craze had passed and the next big thing was going to be mini pies.  Pie has always been an American favorite so it just made sense.  The single serve indulgence appeals to our sense of individuality and even makes us feel like the portion control has been done for us. The latest research tells us that the cupcake is here to stay.  In fact, small indulgences are even more decadent with bold flavors and an international flare.  In some towns shops specializing in baby bundt cakes are cropping up and in grocery store bakeries you can even get an individual slice of pie.   Pies have made up 12% of the in-store bakery category for the last 5 years. 

So let’s hear it for American Pie!!  If it has been along time since you baked one or maybe you have never baked one it is high time you did it.  There is nothing like a homemade pie with the warm fruit filling oozing out through the vents, the scent of a flaky pastry crust  makes your whole house smell like grandma’s house at Thanksgiving. 

Check out the video for a quick how-to and then give it a whirl. The recipe for all our fruit pies are on our website.  The crust I like is found here just remember to double for a two crust pie. Let me know how it turns out. 

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  1. cecile schildknecht

    this pie & crust sounds so good would like the recepie.

  2. [...] Queen of Tarts has a how-to video for fruit pies that’s really charming – just the right amount of “I do this all the time” [...]

  3. Wow! GREAT video and soo easy to follow! Makes me want to make a pie, and Thanksgiving’s coming up! You rock, Queenie!

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