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Posted November 17th, 2009 in News

Fruit…everyone’s talking about it–how to get more of it in your diet, which ones are “superfoods” how to get the most bang for the nutritional buck. Even making powders out of them and selling them on infomercials. What is the point of that? If fruit weren’t delicious that might make sense. Colorful food is hip, trendy, enormously healthy and delicious to eat. Who ever would have thought that Oregon Fruit would be trendy? Almost an oxymoron.

Rustic Cherry Tart

Didn’t everyone’s grandma have a can or two of these berries and cherries in the cupboard?  Maybe grandma knew something about nutrition. It didn’t take an expensive research project at a prestigious university for our grandmas to know that you need to eat fruit and vegetables. Why do you think they spent all that time canning from the garden? Diseases of epidemic proportion like diabetes, heart disease, gout, and obesity were rare in the old days when people moved more and ate food they made themselves. At Oregon Fruit, we’ve been canning high quality colorful fruit for three generations and we’re still passionate about it. What you will find here are spectacular recipes, fun food and really convenient ways to get your “fruit”on! We welcome your opinions, questions and comments. It’s a little bit “food network” a little bit “front porch” (if you ask my kids, a little bit “hell’s kitchen”!) Just some great ways to put more color in your diet and your life. We guarantee you will love our products. If you don’t, let us know and we will refund your money. That simple, that honest, that’s who we are.

*Oh and just to get us started, I am sharing “The Queen’s Rustic Cherry Tart.” Click on the luscious photo for the recipe!

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  1. What difference will it make if I don’t have organic unbleached flour, but just plain old unbleached flour? Is it just a matter of preference?

  2. Hi Maureen,

    Any flour will work, even all purpose but probably not whole wheat (too dense). I just like the idea of unbleached flour and for me, organic is even better. I am trying to get as close to natural food as possible, I get home delivery of organic vegetables from a local farm and I scratch bake as much as possible. Thanks for the question as I am sure others had it as well! Sincerely, The Queen of Tarts.

  3. OFP rocks. Glad to see the blog.

    Made apple/pear/raspberry pies for Christmas using, yes, of course, OFP raspberries, which are always on my shelf. Simple — but a big hit.

  4. Hi Greg!

    What a treat to hear that we are part of your Christmas tradition! The pie sounds delicious!!

    Thanks for writing,

    The Queen

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