Raspberries, Bicycles and Spring

Posted February 24th, 2010 in News

Here in Northern California we have the great February Fake Out. It happens right around Valentine’s Day. After lots of rain and cold, we are treated to a week or so of amazing weather. The sky is bright blue, the weather is pretty warm and everything starts to bloom. In my yard, I have a fantastic Tulip tree that only blooms for about two weeks. It really lifts my spirits and inspires me to get outside.

If you have been following this blog, you already know that I am going to do a mini-triathlon in the summer. However, I have to admit my training schedule has been off to a slow start. But when the sky is blue, I really love to ride my bike. So I got out on the American River Bike Trail with my friend Lori for a nice 20 miler the other day. The river was beautiful and it felt great to ride again. When we finished, we noticed we just happened to park right next to a fantastic bakery called Karen’s in Folsom, Ca. It’s kind of a hangout for folks who use the bike trail so there are always lots of people dressed in bike gear enjoying coffee, pastries and lunch. Because we were feeling so virtuous after our ride, we decided we had earned a treat and decided to share a pastry. (Is it any wonder that my results are slow at best?)


Anyway, we settled on a raspberry almond bar. It was buttery and flakey and the sliced almonds really set it off. I decided to try to recreate it ala Oregon Fruit. So here is my version, it is very thin and crispy and I got A LOT of compliments on it. I think you will like it, too. Just remember to bike first, then ENJOY!

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