Oregon Fruit featured on The Cooking Photographer

Posted August 25th, 2010 in News

One of my very favorite blogs is called The Cooking Photographer.  Laura’s photography just jumps off the page and into my mouth. Her food just looks absolutely delicious all the time.  In addition, her writing invokes someone who would likely be my friend.  She introduces us to her family and I already feel like I know her mom. Imagine my surprise when I visited Laura’s blog today and saw a beautiful post about her tour at Oregon Fruit Products. Since I don’t work at the Oregon Fruit plant in Salem, Oregon I did not get the opportunity to meet Laura when she visited us and as I read her post I have to admit to a twinge of disappointment.  It sounded like a really fun day!  I am definitely going to try her pie.  Like Laura, I am a huge fan of Oregon canned plums.

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  1. So awesome you got featured on The Cooking Photographer! Love both blogs.

  2. Erin it’s so beautiful! Thank-you for featuring my pie. I am lucky to have Oregon Fruit in my life.


  3. My favorite Oregon fruit is blackberry. I have used your canned blackberries for many years. My mother whose parents immigrated from Germany in the 1850′s…. and brought with them a German receipt. Our family called it blackberries and noodles. I’m sure there is a proper german name for this dish. Do you know what the german dish is called? I’m 79 years old {married to the same woman for 59 years} and I have purchased your blackberries for 20 years or more. If you would like the recipe I would be more than happy to send it to you.
    Regards, Phil & Donna Garr

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