New York, New York Blackberry Cheesecake Two Ways

Posted February 4th, 2010 in News

blackberry cheesecakeIn the nutrition and weight management community there a two definite schools of thought when it comes to dessert. Some folks maintain that deprivation leads to bingeing so you should allow yourself to indulge in truly decadent fabulous desserts in moderation and only occasionally. Other philosophies, like Weight Watchers, maintain that cutting the fat and calories, making alternatives that can be enjoyed daily, is more satisfying and easier for folks to stick to. As you can probably imagine, I have subscribed to both philosophies in my life, but haven’t been entirely successful with either. As you have probably gathered by now, I like food. I like the preparation of it, the beauty of a well made dish. I like the social nature of cooking for and eating with friends and family. Ok, lets be honest, I also really like to eat. Now I said it and I feel much better.

Probably 20 years ago my neighbor, Miriam who is a transplanted New Yorker, shared the most decadent and authentic New York cheesecake recipe with me and since you are all my new friends, I am sharing it with you. I topped it with blackberries but you can use any fruit you like. In the interest of fairness, I have also provided the low fat alternative. I can attest to the fact that it is also delicious. The choice is ultimately, yours; blackberries are an incredible addition to either.

During northwest summers you can pick them everywhere. You will brave thorns and your hands will be stained but the end result is worth it. I don’t know if you have heard but caneberries, the family of berries that include blackberries and all their cousins like loganberries, boysenberries, ollalieberries and raspberries, contain all sorts of fantastic health properties. Unpronounceable antioxidants called anthocyanins are the pigments that give berries their beautiful blue and red hues. Berries contain phytochemicals such as ellagic acid. A diet rich in blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and strawberries contain flavonoids which may help to reduce your risk of several types of cancers. I am not sure if your doctor would agree that the blackberries cancel out the cheesecake but I am willing to take that risk (in moderation of course).

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  1. Dear Queen of Tarts: This is your mother writing. I am so impressed with your blog. I was no blog literate until my husband, your father, showed me how to find your blog. I love it! It is way past my bedtime but I had to read every single story you wrote and intend to try every single recipe. Yay for Oregon Fruit. I did make a fantastic Cherries Jubilee with Oregon Fruit Bing Cherries and Napolean Cognac. I put it on top of French Vanilla Ice Cream and left the kitchen to fill the water glasses. My husband served the dessert to my guests and me but added additional cognac to the mixture. Whew was that good. For the recipe ask the Queen of Tarts but make sure you use Oregon Fruit Bing Cherries. No other will do.

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