Have a fruitfully delicious year!

Posted December 31st, 2009 in News

shutterstock_27804766Happy New Year! Time of resolutions and reflections. We had a little post-holiday dinner last night and the conversation meandered into the making of resolutions, more importantly, the keeping of them. We are all good at goal setting, we are planners. The question is: How can we stay committed for longer than 5 days?

Accountability was the prevailing wisdom. So my daughter Kaitlin and her friend Ashly decided to become long distance work-out buddies. My friend Christy and I are going to do a Triathalon in June. (don’t get too excited, it will be a mini-triathlon!) I think we got the exercise thing worked out, but we all like to eat so that is probably going to be a bit tougher. I can’t guarantee that I won’t be baking (and sampling) dessert in 2010. And if I did, who would read this anyway???? You don’t come here for my weekly drivel, you want some RECIPES!!! So my plan is to work out enough to allow for treats. To cook and bake for pleasure, try to make things that are healthy, taste good and most of all to HAVE FUN in 2010! Are you with me?????

Now if I can just make it past breakfast…..Take a can of Red Tart Cherries in water, (best if you freeze them overnight), put them in the blender, fill the can with vanilla soy milk and pour that in too. You will have a delicious Cherry Vanilla Smoothie for two, you and your work-out buddy. Soy provides the protein and tart cherries contain antioxidants, natural pain relievers (perfect for the pain we are all going to have the first few weeks of our new life) and melatonin to aid in getting the good night sleep that will recharge us to do it all again tomorrow. Next week we will have a blueberry meal in a muffin per the request of my niece, Leah.

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  1. Hi Er, Well, The blog is so cute!!! I like it ! I love the border–>I hope you get lots of bloggers or whatever we’re called. I will pass the site around as best I can, you know how limited I am in computerland!!! Talk to you soon, Nan

  2. Terri I just got your message! Oregon Fruit is my favorite in the whole world. I have memories of being a little tiny girl and my mother opening your cans of cherries for pie, always exclaiming how they are the best in the world. They really are, as are all your varieties. Every time I use canned fruit I run to Oregon Fruit first.

    Just the other day my friend and I were talking about Oregon Fruit on our walk. I think the conversation lasted the whole 45 minutes gushing over everything from childhood memories, to the excellent quality of the fruit, to our proclamation of Oregon Fruit loyalty.

    I must follow your blog now. And please don’t ever change your label!

    Laura Flowers

  3. Hi Laura and Nancie,

    Thanks so much for visiting us! Please share any of your favorite recipes with me as well!

    Its fun to make friends in cyberspace!

    The Queen

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