Gourmet Junk Food, Spiked Popsicles and Other Food Trends

Posted March 1st, 2011 in News

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A few weeks ago I mentioned mini-pies as one of 2011’s top predicted food trends.  As someone who loves food, I think its fun to know what restaurants across the country will be incorporating into their menus. I also like thinking about how I could integrate these trends into some of my own meals. Without further adieu, here are a few of my favorites from Andrew Freeman & Company’s Trends to Watch. I’m also including ideas on how you could use Oregon Canned Fruit in their creation.

Make Room for Mini Meals: Mini pizzas and bagels, two-bite hot dogs, mini tacos or burritos, cake truffles, even pot roasts and pot pies will all be downsized in 2011.  My Mini Fruit Fillo Tarts could fit into this category. This recipe is very popular with Oregon Canned Fruit fans so make sure to try it this spring if you’re planning a shower or graduation party.

Eat Your Veggies: This year, more vegetable and fruit based options will be available than ever before. Another trend? Fry your veggies! Everyone is talking about fried cauliflower, Brussels sprouts chips and kale chips so why not fry your fruit? Here’s a recipe for dessert wontons. Wouldn’t they be delicious with a bit of cream cheese and a scoop of Oregon Canned Fruit blackberries?

Gourmet Junk: Chefs are reinventing junk food in gourmet ways. Can you imagine fruit filled ding dongs or cherry s’mores? Mmmmm…yes, please!

Sweet and Chilly: Move over grape popsicle, this year chefs will create spiked, salty, sweet and savory popsicles in a variety of unique flavors. I may just have to come up with my own concoction once the weather warms up. This would be the perfect summer barbecue dessert.

Make sure to check-out the full 2011 Food Trends list, and please let me know if you try any of my ideas. I’m anxious to get in the kitchen and try a few myself!

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  1. Weird Erin. I was wondering about this year’s trends and here they are! I hope all is well your way. Things are looking great here. I want to guest blog when I have some free time.


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