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Posted September 21st, 2010 in News

The Queen of Tarts isn’t the only place to find out about the latest recipes and interesting news about fruit, health and nutrition. Oregon Fruit’s Facebook page has a growing network of fans. Are you one of them?

Make sure you “like” us on Facebook because coming soon we’ll be rewarding fans with free prizes.

Full credit for this picture goes to The Bitten Word, where you’ll also find a great recipe for Black Forest Upside Down Cake. Thanks Zach and Clay!

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  1. I have purchased and used Oregon Red Tart Cherries
    for pies for many,many (I am 83 years old) and
    won’t make cherry pie from any other source.
    However, we have 3 grocery stores in Sitka,AK and they all used to carry your Red Tart Cherries. This year I can’t find them at any of the stores.
    Don’t say go to the next town–I live in Sitka, Alaska and have to fly to the next nearest store.

    • Hi Patricia,

      You made me laugh! I promise I won’t ask you to fly to another store! If the stores in Sitka are owned by Safeway there is no way for them to get our products. If they are Fred Meyers, they should be able to order for you. Otherwise you can purchase from You have to buy a case of 8 to get free shipping but the price per can is very reasonable that way. Thanks for buying our cherries!
      The Queen

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