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Posted May 28th, 2010 in News, Serving with Style

“If I could go to a drive-through and get a healthy meal-not some processed science project meant to look healthy- I would. But convenience and health are diametrically opposed concepts, so if I want to eat better I need more time.” – A reader posted this comment to Whole Health Magazine online.

This is a sentiment that I think a lot of us can relate to.  Well, last week I experienced an event that has resulted in A LOT more time for me. I broke my foot while boarding a plane.  Of course I was rushing; of course I was laden down with STUFF-carryon, briefcase, purse, COFFEE.  So here I am unable to drive, walking belabored with crutches, irritated by this major inconvenience in my life.  I tend to be a person that packs a lot into a day. My to-do list always has more items than any human could do in four days but I expect to complete it in one.  The things that suffer are the things that ultimately make me feel better-diet and exercise.   So now I am unable to exercise for an extended period of time. My triathlon plans are out the window. My intentions to hike and kayak this summer are delayed for weeks.  If I sit in my chair in front of the TV watching the Food Network and eating the delightful meals my friends drop by for me, I will definitely be regressing on my path to health and fitness by the time my six to eight week sentence is up.  So I am going to focus on trying to eat properly while I am at home. But standing in the kitchen preparing healthful meals is also not possible so I will have to focus on convenient preparation as well.  

As I have already mentioned I get a box of organic produce delivered each week. That informs the basis of my daily cooking.  I usually eat the fruit first because this is farm fresh, picked ripe produce and doesn’t last very long.  By the third day I need to start supplementing with frozen or canned and since I work for Oregon Fruit, that is usually going to be canned.  In the late afternoon when I am feeling pretty sorry for myself and bored I am going to want something sweet.  I have discovered the most fantastic solution-sorbet!  It is convenient, creative and pretty fancy and indulgent.  If you keep a can of your favorite Oregon Fruit in the freezer you can make it whenever you like. Simply thaw on the counter for about 15 minutes and then open the can on both ends like jellied cranberry sauce.


Dump it in a food processor or mini chopper and pulse a few times until smooth. If you feel like it, add bit of citrus zest to make the flavor really pop.  I like using Dark Sweet Cherries because the color is beautiful and cherries are really good for you. They reduce inflammation like with arthritis and gout, even relieving the associated pain for some people, and they contain melatonin to help you sleep. 

When I made this for my friend Dave Adams, he suggested that I try it with Royal Anne Cherries and add some lemon. That was a GREAT idea!  It was a lovely shade, somewhere between peach and apricot, and so refreshing. 

I really want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends that have been so helpful to me with this injury. As the song says, “I’ll get buy with a little help from my friends”.

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  1. Sorbet in moments . . . this sounds like a great idea! A can of cherries is going into my freezer as soon as I finish writing this reply! Thanks for the great idea. I certainly never would have thought of that!

    And take care of that foot!

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