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Plum Good Food Day

Posted March 9th, 2010 in News in Produce

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Welcome to my newly redesigned blog! I am tickled pink with my new color scheme and I hope you love it too. Another new feature this week is video! You may recall me mentioning my neighbor Cate a few weeks ago. Cate is an honest child. She reminds me very much of Allison, my youngest daughter. She says what she thinks and she means what she says. She will not be bought, even with chocolate raspberry cupcakes. Her dad shot this video on a rainy afternoon. Have a look – I think it says it all.

Don’t miss the Oregon Fruit contest at Jenna’s Journey Blog

Another really exciting thing is happening this week at Jenna writes about being a mom – cooking, raising her adorable baby son, getting together with friends and interesting finds. She also gives away REALLY cool stuff. This week she is giving away a GREAT BIG Oregon Fruit basket. You should check it out.

Cooking, Improvisation and Plum Pizza

Last weekend my co-worker, Terri, visited me here in Northern California from our home office in Salem, Oregon. We planned a day of cooking and baking with Mario and Allison joining us later to take pictures. I am a master multi-tasker, a legend to my friends. Part of being that type of person is you have to have tolerance for errors. I was watching Desperate Housewives the other night (don’t judge me!) and one of the characters is a caterer. She was teaching someone to bake a cake and she said “baking requires precision”. I thought to myself, ridiculous! I am never precise-I substitute, alter, amend, improvise all the time and mostly my recipes turn out just fine.

So with this enormous ego I began my day. I had seven recipes to prepare. Two were in the oven and two were on the barbecue when the doorbell rang. Terri walked in to a barking dog, a screaming smoke alarm, smoke filling the kitchen and me, pouring baking soda on the flames in the oven! All due to my lack of precision. You see the photo above is of a delicious Plum Pizza. The recipe advised that I bake it in a 14 inch DEEP DISH PIZZA PAN which I do not have. My improvisation resulted in the aforementioned oven fire. I had to finish it off on the barbecue while I dealt with the kitchen emergency. Even so it turned out to be a sublimely delicious and fun brunch item. It’s a lot like a cinnamon roll in the shape of a pizza made all the more gooey with the warm plums. You will love it but USE A PAN WITH SIDES. You will thank me later.

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  1. love the blueberry meal in a minute…

  2. i love RASPBERRIES…in anything, plain, cooked…or off the bush! or IN A OREGAN CAN good. thanks and blessings from florida!

  3. New York New York Blackberry Cheesecake…this WILL be in heaven!!

  4. LOOVE this post. . . Ya need your own show! Don’t judge me! HAAAAA, oh, but we do:-) Looks ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I will be making this for my upcoming gala parrtee in a week or so.

  5. The Almond Crusted Chicken Breast with Raspberries looks super yummy.

  6. I am totally digging the Blackberry Cheesecake!!!! I mean, cheesecake is my absolute guilty pleasure and blackberries are one of my all time favorite berries!! Therefore, I’d easily be able to down the entire thing :)

  7. Finally made it to the blog and I’m sort of glad I was late cause I would be 10lbs heavier if I started earlier. The recipes are terrific, as is the commentary, and I plan to cook and eat my way through the weekend.

  8. I lllooooooovvvvveeee the new blog site!! Looks great and tastes great!!

  9. My favorite recipe is the blueberry oatmeal bars but everything looks pretty good at this point!


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