Mocktail Recipes for the Holiday Season

Posted December 7th, 2010 in Holiday, Posts, Serving with Style

2010 marked the year of the mocktail. That’s why I figured it’s about time I share a few mocktail recipes for the holiday season.

Not sure what a mocktail is? It’s a non-alcoholic cocktail perfect for office parties, baby showers, kid-friendly events, church functions, or any other party where a non-alcoholic drink option is necessary. While mocktails have been around forever, they re-emerged in popularity this year.

I may be biased, but I think Oregon Canned Fruit products are a great ingredient for mocktails because you can use both the fruit and the juice so nothing goes to waste. That’s why I whipped up a recipe for a festive Cherry Sparkle mocktail.  My friends and I have gotten together for a Holiday Progressive Dinner for the last 20+ years. It was great when we all lived on the same street and could walk home after consuming, perhaps, a bit too much wine.  But we are older now, wiser too and have moved to various parts of the area so this year all of them are coming down to my new old house to have our gathering.  We will even be checking out the Christmas light displays in some of the older neighborhoods in the city before dinner. Since some of the guests will have to be designated drivers and others simply don’t drink anymore I wanted to have something lovely for them to drink as well. 

This recipe was perfect as I am making Dark Chocolate Cherry Truffles to give as gifts this year, (check back on Monday for that recipe!) so I am reserving the drained juice of three cans of Oregon Dark Sweet Cherries to use in this beverage. 

Of course, my recipe isn’t the only one out there

I’d love to try this Eggnog Frothy Mocktail, or perhaps a gingerbread mocktail. Anyone have a good gingerbread mocktail recipe they’re willing to share?

It’s also good to remember that putting an ordinary hot chocolate into a pretty mug, and simply adding a little whipped cream and peppermint pieces, can quickly turn a drink into something something. I saw the cutest mugs at Crate and Barrel while Christmas shopping last weekend. 

A website called The Bump also has several great mocktail recipes and includes this unique list of ideas to make your drinks festive:

  • Freeze your favorite juice in ice tray and use as ice cubes.
  • Create your own signature mocktail using Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup: add ginger ale or sparkling water (really any combo you choose) and eat the flower afterwards.
  • Put berries into the bottom of a champagne glass and pour your favorite sparkling water over it. (Oregon Canned Fruit would be perfect here!)
  • Thread fruit onto a stirrer and put into a drink.
  • Add a candy cane stirrer.
  • Add a sugared rim to any glass (use colored sugar for a little extra bang).

Happy sipping!

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