Miniature Pies Are the New Cupcake

Posted January 31st, 2011 in In the Kitchen, Posts

On Christmas Day my Dad excitedly informed me of a recent article he read in the New York Times about how “ miniature pies are the new cupcake” for 2011.  The gist of the article is the cupcake trend is over, to be replaced by miniature pies, an indulgence item that feels nostalgic and comforting.  Well, I hope for the sake of a local cupcake shop I love, Icing on the Cupcake, that the trend projection is not entirely true. I am addicted to their wonderful treats. However it will be good for us at Oregon Fruit to be trendy again.

Over the Christmas break, Kaitlin and I took ourselves out to dinner at a very cool local restaurant in my new neighborhood, Taylor’s Kitchen.  Of course we had to have dessert and we selected the “Backyard Meyer Lemon Mini Tart”.   This was delightful and sublime with a distinct sweet tartness of the Meyer and a lovely Italian Meringue that was torched on top.  We talked about how great it would be with blueberries and how much I had always wanted a torch.

Just last week, I read in Supermarket News an article that stated “pies will replace those hot selling cupcakes, according to The Food Channel. But these pies will be of the mini variety in sweet and savory flavors.”  So this being the third strike of the two by four to my forehead I realized it was time to bake and write about mini pies.

So over the weekend in my still torn up kitchen, I made Backyard Meyer Lemon and Garage Blueberry Tarts with Italian Meringue. (The garage part is where I have to keep my pantry staples like my Oregon Fruit Blueberries while my kitchen is under construction.)  I never made Italian Meringue before so that was an adventure as was trying to find the space to set my Kitchen Aid Mixer, Cuisinart Food Processor, electric citrus juicer, pastry sheet, enormous rolling pin and my new toy, butane torch.  All in all they turned out amazing. I hope you enjoy them as much as my contractors!

PS. Last week Oregon Fruit was honored to be featured in TWO very popular food blogs.   The Pioneer Woman wrote about a wonderful Cherry Pudding Cake.

The Pioneer Woman Cherry Pudding Cake

Her step by step photos are incredibly useful especially for those with not very much baking experience like my boss, Joe.

Also, one of my favorite bloggers, Irvin at Eat the Love, who is an accomplished and prize winning pie baker used our Oregon Fruit Dark Sweet Cherries in a contest recipe for A Daring Baker Challenge: Sweet Cherry Mousse with Ribbon Sponge and Chocolate Ganache.

"Eat The Love" Cherry Mousse with Chocolate Ganache

I wish I lived next door to Irvin so I could try this cake. He is much more skilled, talented and ambitious than I am.  Let me know how this works out for you if you try it!

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  1. Nice! I think Oregon Fruit should team up with WVFCO!

  2. The Cherry Mousse with Ribbon Sponge and Chocolate Ganache is beautiful, but labor intensive. I might try the cherry mousse on its own and top with shaved dark chocolate. That and a good red wine would be delicious!

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