It’s February and Cherry Recipes are HOT HOT HOT!

Posted February 17th, 2012 in Desserts, Posts, Recipe

I was so lucky recently to make the blog-acquaintance of Claudia at “What’s Cookin Italian Style“.  Her photography is beautiful and her recipes are delightful and not terribly complicated.  She has made a couple of lovely recipes for Valentines Day and I completely missed the boat.  But in my defense I kind of object to the “Hallmark Holiday” nature of Valentine’s Day and I think we should offer loving acts of service to those we love any time we feel like it or they need it. Cooking falls into that category for me.

In February it is traditional to eat cherries in honor of George Washington and the infamous Cherry tree debacle. It doesn’t hurt that cherries are red so they fit the whole Valentine’s Day theme.  In most of the world cherries ripen on the tree in SUMMER!! SO if you want to bake your sweetie  a cherry anything you have to do it with canned.  We admit to bias here but we  think that is a plus in some recipes and this one that Claudia created falls into that category.  This amazing Heart Brownie with Dark Cherry Rum Jubilee is not to be overlooked. There is really nothing like a homemade brownie and this one is an excellent version.  It is dark, rich and delicious. The rum, amaretto and cherry combination just deepens the flavor of the chocolate and makes for an elegant dessert fit for romance.

Plan something special and make this dessert.  You are guaranteed to make someone happy.

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  1. Hi Agnes, I am sorry we didn’t get you a recipe in time for your party. We searched everywhere and could not find anything we thought was a fit. The closest we came was a recipe that also included canned pineapple and since you didn’t mention that we thought it was the wrong recipe. Thanks so much for using our products and hope we can be of help in the future.
    The Queen

  2. Dorothy Davenport

    I’m looking for recipes that use canned pie filling in a graham cracker pie crust

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