It’s Wedding Season and Time for Cake!

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Last weekend my family celebrated my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary. It was a momentous occasion for us and truly rare today that a couple lives together that long and still really like each other.  Four generations gathered to celebrate and the occasion was marked by the first baby steps of the first great grandchild. We felt truly blessed.

Because I am the baker in the family I volunteered to make the cake. Now my wedding cakes are legendary and not always in a good way.

For my own wedding I wanted to make the cake myself.  I left the layers cooling on the dining room table to be collected by my bridesmaids the following day and delivered to me at the reception to be decorated.   They arrived, giggling with a weird looking top hat of a cake already iced in their feeble attempt to hide the fact that my husband-to-be’s dog had ate the middle layer. He spent the morning combing local bakeries and, unable to find a layer the right size just bought what they had and the girls tried to make do. Needless to say it made for a strained beginning.  The Queen wasn’t as relaxed as I am today and I must admit I really failed to see the humor.

The next wedding cake I made was for my friend Joan. Her wedding was in Oregon and I lived in California.  My plan was to bake the cake at home and assemble and decorate it onsite.  The first catastrophe was the fact that my oven went out the day I needed to bake.  Using a friend’s oven I was able to get it done in time and off to Oregon we drove, cake in car.  At the wedding site my young daughters and I made a truly beautiful cake, all tiers and columns decorated with tule and flowers.  We successfully moved it to the cake table in the garden which was backed by a lovely lattice fence.  Just before it was time to cut the cake, a gust of wind blew that fence over and the cake went flying. The best man dove for the ground just in time to catch the top tier and the second tier landed upright on its plastic base.  A little extra icing and few minutes later the cake was good as new.  My friend Joan had the grace to laugh at this on her wedding day. She is still married. Something to be said for humor!

Walter and Katina McHugh, A 60 Year Love Story photo courtesy of Tyler McClean


So this time my sister asked me if I was sure I wanted to make the cake considering my history and of course I had to.  Everything went right, the Triple Lemon Blueberry Cake arrived intact, no damage and no catastrophes. I even used the original topper from their wedding cake 60 years ago.  I told my dad that this would be the best frosting he ever ate. He laughed at my arrogance since he has eaten a few cakes in his 87 years. But after downing one piece and working on the second he agreed.


You should make this cake!

(To make this cake this size you need to double the recipe for  the cake, lemon curd and frosting. Bake one cake batch in a 10 inch round pan and divide the second batch between a 8 in and a 6 inch round pan. All the pans I use are 3″ deep.  I divided all three layers in half using the “dental floss” technique found in the Black Forrest Cake video and spread the lemon curd between the cut layers and use frosting on top of each layer. If the tops are two rounded you can level them off with a serrated knife. PS: Please keep out of dogs reach!)


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  1. Erin:

    Great blog! And congratulations to your parents on their 60 years!

    I was anxious to see the cake recipe, but the link isn’t working. :(


  2. What a great story! I don’t remember the oven fiasco part of the story, but it was fun going down memory lane again with you!

    Thank you again for the delicious and beautiful carrot wedding cake you made for us almost 13 years ago!

    The 65th anniversary wedding cake was beautiful and sounded delicious! What adorable pictures of your mom and dad! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Daphne Schneider

    Hi Erin, First I have to say how refreshing it is to hear you make fun of yourself and how good natured you are….we’re all human, right? Blessings to your parents on their 60th anniversary; what a good looking couple!
    Even though I don’t respond very often, I look forward to every “Queen of Tarts” edition. Each has very useful information and delicious recipes!
    My best to you and family. Daphne

    • Hi Daphne, Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s great to hear from you and thanks for reading!

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