So You Think You Can Salsa?!?

Posted July 16th, 2010 in In the Kitchen

Walking through the Farmer’s Market last weekend, several varieties of peppers, onions and herbs found their way into my shopping bag.  As I unloaded my purchases on the counter I immediately “visualized” salsa (the eating kind, not the dancing kind).  Mango Habanero and Peach Jalapeno came to mind but I thought, what about cherry and basil!  How about blueberry and cilantro with jalapenos? The sweet onions and peppers were a great combination with the fruit.  After serving them to my friends with some baked tortilla chips I took the leftover cherry salsa and served it with grilled chicken and it was a excellent-refreshing and lovely.  A little later in the week I used the blueberry as a salad dressing. I tossed some mixed greens with a bit of goat cheese (more market finds) with the salsa, threw in a few chopped pecans and topped with some leftover chicken and it was spectacular.  Very similar to a luncheon salad I had a fancy country club this week that cost a fortune.  So put on some music and make  some salsa. You might even be inspired to dance!

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