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Posted January 9th, 2010 in In the Kitchen

vinegar and oil

If you looked at the blueberry muffin recipe from yesterday, you probably noticed that you were instructed to save the juice from the drained berries. You were probably wondering, what exactly am I going to do with THAT? You also might have been a teensy bit annoyed that you were looking for a jar and saving that juice knowing you were just going to throw it away next week. (Oh, maybe I was just projecting right there). Well now that you’re back, I have an idea for that juice. Maybe some of your friends are like mine and they are on Weight Watchers and they look really, really, really good right now and you are really, really jealous (you know who you are) and they might not appreciate you sharing your baked goods with them just to sabotage their success. So for THAT friend, I found some really interesting glass oil and vinegar bottles at Cost Plus. All you have to do is mix the leftover blueberry juice with 2 cups of white balsamic vinegar. It’s beautiful AND delicious. Make an infused oil by warming a cup of extra virgin olive oil and adding a couple of sprigs of fresh sage, gently bruised to release the fragrance. This will make a great pairing and those salad lovers will really enjoy it! For those that can appreciate a fresh and warm artisan bread, pour some of the oil onto a plate and then some of the vinegar into the center of the oil. Sprinkle with fresh ground pepper. Break the bread and dip to your heart’s content. I will be sticking to the salad option until I can get into my skinny jeans again.

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  1. Thank you for the FANTASTIC idea! I made these for Christmas, and everyone absolutely loves them. (I kept some for myself, and have to agree, they are VERY tasty!)

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