Easy Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas

Posted December 20th, 2010 in Holiday, In the Kitchen

If you’re looking for easy Christmas Eve dinner ideas, you’re come to the right place! Christmas Eve, while magical and memorable, can also be the busiest night of the holiday season. Many families juggle getting to church, wrapping last minute gifts and hosting family. The best advice I can offer? Plan for an easy Christmas Eve dinner that doesn’t take too much time in the kitchen. In fact, if you can pre-make the dinner earlier that week you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety.

Here are a few great ideas and recipes I’ve collected from around the blogosphere. Additionally, please leave a comment with your favorite *easy* Christmas eve dinner idea so that others can share in the joy of a stress free holiday.

Make-it-Yourself Pizza: Kids (and adults) can be very antsy on Christmas Eve. One great way to get everyone involved with dinner is to make homemade mini pizzas. The key to success is prepping the dough and toppings earlier in the day so by the time you get home from Christmas services or caroling, you’ll be ready to rock and roll! A few hints: if you live near a Trader Joe’s, their pre-made pizza dough is cheap, delicious and easy to use. If you’d rather make the dough yourself, a blog called Eat It, Kid has a video tutorial.  Of course you can get creative as you want with toppings; and the larger your dinner party the more options you’ll probably want to offer. Besides staples such as pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, sausage, and pineapple you may also want to consider gourmet cheeses, BBQ chicken, and lots of veggie options. A final word of advice? If you’re lucky enough to have good weather on Christmas Eve, consider putting the pizzas on the barbecue. The taste is delicious, plus it will save you a bit of kitchen cleanup. (One more thing! Have you ever made a dessert pizza?! Now there’s a creative way to use a few cans of Oregon Fruit. Check out this Raspberry and Nutella Pizza.)

Soup for You and You and You: If you’re really organized, consider pre-making several different soups. You can either freeze the soups days in advance, or put them in crock pots the morning of the 24th. A really smart host will turn this idea into a Soup Potluck, asking each guest to bring a soup, salad or bread dish. Need a few recipes? Check-out this Crab Bisque Soup from Simply Recipes, Crockpot Chicken with Wild Rice Soup from Bakespace, and Homemade Stovetop No Bean Beef Chili from Deep South Dish. Don’t they all sound delicious? If you’re ambitious, homemade bread would be a great addition to these soups, but if you’re smart you’ll just hop on over to a local bakery and ask them to do the work for you!

There’s No Shame in Takeout: My final piece of advice? There’s no shame in takeout! In fact, some families enjoy takeout as a Christmas Eve tradition. Whether you order a pizza, get Chinese, or opt for something like Boston Market, just remember it’s about the good memories with those you care about.

Have a fabulous holiday week!

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  1. Hi and thanks so much for including Deep South Dish in your linky love for my Homemade Stovetop No Bean Beef Chili! I don’t usually put links in comments but couldn’t find an email addy to let you know that the link for my recipe is going to the wild rice soup recipe just above that instead. Here’s the correct link: http://www.deepsouthdish.com/2009/02/stovetop-no-bean-beef-chili.html

    Christmas Eve for us down here in the deep south always includes a huge pot of seafood gumbo. Not exactly quick or easy, but it is traditional and can be made ahead – and in fact, is always better the next day anyway!

    Thanks again for including us and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

    • Hi Mary,

      WOW your seafood gumbo sounds fantastic!! My family is from Missisippi so I won’t mind spending all day on that one! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Holidays!

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    • Hello and thanks for visiting our blog! We are looking at using coupons in the future if we can find a way that is more cost effective. The cost of redeeming them became very steep what with all the retailer charges, clearing house charges and postage charges. A 50cent coupon actually costs us around $5.00! So right now we are running a great contest on Facebook for a $25.00 amazon gift card. If you win you can buy a whole case of fruit for around $30, use the $25.00 gift card and and there is free shipping! We will probably start something similar on the blog in 2011. Stay tuned! The Queen of Tarts

  3. I love to have mini-pizza night with the family. Instead of pizza dough, we use gently toasted french bread. It’s dry enough that the bread doesn’t sog out on you when you add the sauce.

    Blueberries muffins are in the oven baking right now with a can of your blueberries.

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