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Posted December 30th, 2011 in Holiday, Posts

Happy 2012!  It has been an interesting year here at Oregon Fruit.

In mid October the Gehlar family, founders and owners of Oregon Fruit Products for over 75 years passed the baton to another 3rd generation family business.  Ed and Cindy Maletis, and their sons Bryan, John and Andy, have purchased the company keeping it open and operating in Salem, Oregon and continuing an American tradition.  The Maletis family has owned and operated Columbia Distributing in the Northwest since 1935 as well.  Ed found the dates fortuitous and the fact that Cindy has kept her pencils in Oregon Fruit cans for years seemed to be a sign.

This was good news for the employees, growers and vendors that depend on Oregon Fruit Products as well as for the consumers that have come to respect the integrity of the product we produce here in the Northwest.  The long tradition of high quality fruit in a can put up just the way grandma did was illustrated well by a recent gathering of some of Ed’s friends.

Ed shared a can of our Dark Sweet Cherries with an old friend. This gentleman was struck by how closely they resembled the beloved cherries his grandma used to can was he was little.  So, just to check his nostalgic memory, he took the label off of a can and shared the cherries with his siblings.  They all insisted he had been holding out the last stash of grandma’s cherries for the last several years.

In the spirit of grateful goodbye to the old I would like to raise a Front Porch Mocktail to Paul Gehlar and his sister, Daphne.  They operated their company in the tradition of their father and grandfather with true family values of integrity and respect for the employees, growers, customers and consumers of Oregon Fruit Products Co.

At the same time, we toast the new with a delicious OFP-tini in honor of the Maletis family. May the company grow and prosper under their leadership. Ya Sou!    (That’s Greek for “cheers!”)

You can feel free to use these beverages at your house this New Year’s Eve whether sharing it with the family around the fire with a board game or hosting a posh cocktail party for friends.  Our Raspberry Chipotle Appetizer is always a hit.  You can even try this delightful sauce over meatballs in a chafing dish or add a dollop of whipped goat cheese to a mini fillo cup and top with a little Raspberry Chipotle Sauce and a sprinkling of cilantro.  These are also great to bring to someone else’s party-easy, delicious and unique. Check out all our appetizer and beverages recipes for ideas and inspiration.

Please enjoy yourself and celebrate responsibly. Spin Class awaits on Monday. (Oh maybe that was just for me!)


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