Grillin’ Season!

Posted May 30th, 2011 in Holiday, Posts

Memorial Day marks the start of grilling season all across the country. Although here in California we grill all year round even if we have to stand outside in a parka under an umbrella we just got to have our BBQ. And this Memorial Day weekend that is pretty much the situation. It has been unseasonably cold and in the local mountains of Lake Tahoe it is STILL SNOWING! I went to an outdoor concert on Friday night which is usually a great idea in late May, sometimes it can even be seriously hot but not this year. I was forced to get up and dance to Boz Scaggs just to stay warm! (ok maybe not FORCED…) But today it is warm enough, 70 degrees and that is good enough to break out the grill.

A few weeks ago I watched Cat Cora battle with another young Greek chef on Iron Chef America. They both made a version of lamb with cherries and I thought it looked amazing. In honor of my Greek heritage and because I just went to a local Greek festival and had some fantastic grilled lamb on Friday night, I decided to try my hand at Lamb Skewers with Cherries and Baby Bella Mushrooms. Cat won battle and the judges really like the fact that she paired the mushrooms with the cherries. The earthiness of the mushrooms plays well with the sweetness of the cherries and in my opinion the traditional Greek marinade of lemon, garlic and oregano was perfect.

I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some time with friends and/or family taking a moment to remember those who keep us safe here in America.    Happy start to summer!

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