Fruit Inspires Art…and vice versa

Posted June 16th, 2011 in Posts, Serving with Style

Oregon Fruit has been around on grocers shelves for over 75 years!  3 generations of the Gehlar family in Salem, Oregon have “grown up” in the cannery business.  I am a relative newcomer only working here for 15 years but I remember noticing the Oregon Fruit can labels ever since I started working in grocery stores in the late 70′s. OK now EVERYONE knows how old I am! Whenever I meet someone and start talking about Oregon Fruit people usually recognize the black can with the beautiful illustrations.

Our luscious berries and cherries are naturally beautiful. Artists have been inspired by fruit to create lovely still life paintings since cave men wrote on the walls (graffiti? hmmm…). For my birthday, my esteemed photographer, Mario Revello painted this wonderful abstract entitled Fruit Salad Explosion and although it is quite contemporary it works very well in my vintage breakfast nook!

Fruit Salad Explosion By Mario Revello

Mark Gehlar, the current owner’s father really launched the can company. He was a truly inspirational guy. He had a unique sense of humor, was a great writer using the back of the can as a sort of a blog of the day and really appreciated beautiful fruit inspired art. He liked to incorporate it in his label designs.  Our cans have found themselves in all sorts of interesting places like furniture catalogues, upscale kitchen store ads and even an occasional movie.  The cute little girl on the apple butter label is rumored to be his own daughter Daphne.


Last week on Facebook we featured an art piece from Esty with a lovely pear on top of one of our cans!  We appreciate that artists appreciate our humble products.  We think you will appreciate them even more if you open the can and eat them. After that you can feel free to use your creativity.  Suziebeezieland used her empty blueberry can for a lovely flower vase and we applaud her artistic flair as well as her ingenuity in re-using what some might call trash.  (But they would be SO WRONG!)

Oregon Pears by Linhaak of Gresham, OR

So I challenge you-let yourself be inspired by Oregon Fruit.  Bake something, paint something, write something or just eat the fruit straight from the can and use the can as a pencil holder. I promise it will brighten your desk.

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