Easy Cherry Brulee-Good for you too!

Posted February 3rd, 2012 in Posts, Tips and Tricks


It’s onlbruary so New Year’s Resolutions are still in play.  I have a favorite dessert I eat all the time, healthy, quick, low fat, high protein. I was watching TV the other night eating my favorite dessert and it dawned on me that this could be fancy enough for company with just a few quick tweaks. So today I am just going to share this brilliant moment with you.

3 cups fat free Greek Yogurt

1 can Oregon Fruit Dark Sweet Cherries, drained syrup reserved

3 TBS slivered toasted almonds

Raw sugar

Put about 6 cherries in the bottom of 4 glass dessert dishes.  Mix the yogurt with they syrup until the sweetness is to your liking, the color is  a lovely shade of pink but it is still thick.

Spoon evenly over the cherries and smooth the top.  Sprinkle the almonds dividing evenly amongst the four dishes.  Top with Raw sugar to cover the almonds.  If you have a torch, just torch the sugar until you have a crispy top, careful not to burn the sugar. It works fast. If you don’t have a torch you should get one as they are really fun. But if you don’t just put them under the broiler for a very few minutes watching carefully.    DELICIOUS!!! and no guilt!


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  1. This looks and sounds wonderful. What a quick and easy dessert! So healthy too. :)

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