Decadent Breakfast on the Run

Posted May 24th, 2012 in Healthy Eating, Healthy Tips, Posts, Superfood

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself.

I don’t know about you but life has been pretty hectic for me lately. I find myself running from place to place, generally late for everything.  I am not sure why exactly so I have been thinking about how I can get some balance.  I am thinking about (not doing, just thinking) about trying yoga, getting back in the pool to find my zen or just strolling through the neighborhood enjoying the mild weather and quite literally stopping to smell the roses.

Whenever I feel like this I know that improving my diet will help.  Even though we get momentary comfort from food that is not good for us, in the long run a clean, healthy diet just feels better.  We have more energy, we sleep better and we feel emotionally better about ourselves when we make good nutritional decisions. But making the commitment is hard.  Research shows that if we eat more interesting, flavorful food we will feel more satisfied.

So today I made my breakfast on the run a real treat.  This Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie is so good it could pass for dessert but it has a powerhouse of nutrition to accompany it’s indulgent taste.

Do yourself a favor and make this!


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  1. That’s healthy, quick and filling. Loving it!

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