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I just got off the phone with a company that exemplifies the downside of technology.  If you want to cancel one of those online subscription services it appears to be impossible. The goal is to frustrate the customer into giving up and just leaving the subscription active. After all….its only X$ per year.  The cancellation instructions are 10 pages long!!!! 

Oregon Fruit is an old fashioned company-in a good way.  We have a live person “Anna” who answers our consumer line. She is actually nice and her goal is to actually solve the customer’s issue. Our corporate culture still supports old fashioned values: integrity, responsibility, producing the best possible product and satisfying the customer.

Some people call or write to find out where they can buy our products, some have trouble with one of our recipes (hard to believe, but the Queen makes mistakes on occasion), sometimes people even have complaints about our products or questions about the expiration dates.  Anna patiently tries to find a solution and for the most part folks leave their conversation with her very happy. Sometimes they even call her back just to chat.  We are still making friends at Oregon Fruit and that is refreshing.

The retailers that sell our products know that we are going to take care of the customer whatever it takes and in the end it makes both of us look good. Not sure why more companies don’t get that but I just wanted to share a couple of letters that we have received just in the last month that highlight how seriously we take this and what a great job Anna does.

 Dear Oregon Fruit Products Co,

Earlier this month I sent you a cherry pit I found in a pie I made using your product.  On the label of that can there was an “Outlaw Pit” program.  Last week I received a replacement can of cherries in the mail with an enclosed letter informing me that the “Outlaw Pit” program ended four years ago.  Imagine my surprise that I had that can of cherries in the pantry for that long.  It sure didn’t diminish the high quality of the fruit.  As impressed as I was with that bit of information I must say I was blown away with the integrity of your company to replace my can of fruit after such a lengthy period of the program being discontinued.  Many thanks to you for the wonderful products you produce and for standing behind them which unfortunately is becoming a thing of the past in America today.  My hat’s off to you and a resounding round of applause.  Kit, Portland

 And Peggy in Indianapolis had been disappointed to get several cherry pits in a can of cherries she bought at Wal-Mart.                               

This is Anna’s response:

Dear Peggy,

It is rare to have a can of pitted cherries with lots of pits.  They are machine pitted, and if you have the can code on the bottom of the can that would be helpful, our quality control will be able to go back to the production records to access any issues for processing that day.  I know that this was a huge inconvenience for you, I will send you free product to replace the cherries if you could send me your address I will replace the fruit. Thank you for bringing this incident to our attention.  Again, I apologize for the inconvenience this caused; I would be equally disappointed too.  Anna, Consumer Division

 And Peggy’s response:

Thank you so much for the cans of cherries.  I wanted to let you know I sent Wal-Mart a message.  It went something like this: I just wanted to send you an update on a complaint I had earlier.  I bought a can of cherries and they had 5 pits in it.  I had company and was very upset.  I just wanted you to know the company has taken care of it. They said it was unusual and they sent me several cans to make up for the bad one.  I waited till I used most of them to send you this message.  The cans I opened were just fine and I wanted to let you know that.  I thought they took the matter to heart and I was very impressed with their follow up. I will be buying this product in the future.  Thank you for your time. Peggy, Indianopolis

From Melinda in Portland: I can’t tell you how much I love your canned fruit! In these tough times … what a comfort and a joy to find something that is as good/or better, as what I remember as a kid!  Case in point, your canned Bing cherries are like I am 7 swinging from my uncles 70 year old cherry tree … Your canned fruit is now a regular stable in my pantry … IT CAN’T GET MUCH BETTER – AWESOME PRODUCTS … Keep it up – Blessings and Good Profits to you and your growers … Thank You! And I don’t have to can it!  Yours are just the best!

The expiration codes are obvious on the top of our cans. They say “Best Used By October ___”.  We started doing this about 20 years ago. No one made us. It was just our way of ensuring the highest quality product for your recipes. If you have product in the cupboard past the date it is not dangerous it just might not look its best.

If you have questions, just call Anna at (800)394-9333


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  1. You are a lovely old-fashioned company–for many years we have had your labels framed on our wall–when they faded, “Anna” was kind enough to send us a new set! Oregon Fruit is delicious and the packaging adorable!

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