Chocolate Cherry Cinnamon Buns Thanks to Mommie Cooks!

Posted June 9th, 2011 in Breakfast, In the Kitchen, Posts, Recipe

Mommie Cooks Chocolate Cherry Cinnamon Buns

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Blogher Food in Atlanta Georgia. The food blogging community is one huge neighborhood of friendly folks sharing recipes on the enormous internet “back fence”.  I met some great people from my own home town of Sacramento like Kimberly from Poor Girl Eats Well and saw some now old friends like Irvin from Eat the Love in San Francisco.  I talked to Faith from The Kitchn and learned alot from Alice at Savory Sweet Life in Seattle.  What struck me is how we are all joined in our love of food and cooking for the people we love.

Just last week a fellow blogger, Julie from Mommie Cooks made a really loving recipe with some cherries that we had sent her, made infinitely more special with her own chocolate spin. (Don’t you just love the pink icing!)  Our plant General Manager, Patti Law, who has worked for Oregon Fruit her whole life was moved to exclaim, “I am going to have my mom bake me these Chocolate Cherry Cinnamon Buns!“  Of course she wouldn’t think of baking them herself but she never tires of all things cherry even after packing  millions of them every year! She knew her mom loved her enough even now that she is an adult to bake these for her.

That’s love.

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  1. I am a mommie who is not a very good baker. I would love to have my DAUGHTER make some of those lucious cherry, chocolate cinnamon for her and her dad.

  2. The recipe for Salted Chocolate Truffles with Cherry centers will be perfect for the Christmas holidays as well as now :)

  3. Oh this looks so good! Chocolate and cherry goes so well together and it’s with cinnamon rolls! That must be so delicious!!!!!

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