Check Out Your Friendly Neighborhood Grocer!

Posted September 3rd, 2010 in Desserts, In the Kitchen, News, Posts, Recipe


Some grocers around the country have produce really nice FREE magazines in order to advertise their products, but along with the ads are great cooking tips and recipes. In my area we have a local family owned grocery chain called Raley’s, and their in-store magazine is called “Something Extra”.  Imagine my joy when I picked up this month’s addition and found a fabulous individual cherry pie in a mason jar. 

I love individual desserts, but I love unique presentation even more. Add canned cherries and- to quote Jerry Maguire- they had me at “hello!”   I tried this recipe using Red Tart Cherries and it was delicious.  It would also work with Dark Sweet Cherries if you like your pie a bit sweeter.  You will need two cans, drained. You can find Oregon Fruit in most grocery stores and supercenters across America and even on  Happy baking!

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  1. You had me at cherry pie!

  2. I live in Cocoa Florida, who carries Tart Cherry pie filling?

    • Hello! Red Tart Cherries are stocked by Publix, WalMart Supercenters and Albertsons as well as some independent grocers in Florida. It is not actually pie filling but tart cherries in water. You should find them in the canned fruit section of most stores. Thanks so much for asking and Happy Baking!

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