Charcoal, Propane, Smoke…Oh MY!

Posted July 1st, 2011 in Gadgets & Gizmos, Holiday, Posts

This weekend is 4th of July so we HAVE to talk about grillin’. Every man I have ever known was pretty opinionated on this subject except my dad. He would rather not grill. Too much pressure. He is not much of a cook and has been fed quite well by my mother for nearly 60 years thank you very much.  My brother, on the other hand, is a grill aficionado.  I think he even put an indoor grill in the house he built in Seattle. He has rusted his share of Webers cooking outside in the Northwest rain. My ex-husband has been known to use the charcoal AND the propane grills for the same meal insisting that  they serve different culinary purposes.  My brother- in- law was pretty famous for the smoked turkey on Thanksgiving. He built a pretty state of the art smoker in his backyard until my sister made him dismantle it for space reasons. 

I am a pretty good griller for a girl.  When my kids were little we had a really big charcoal grill on wheels called the “Rolls Roaster”. Our neighborhood had a block party for every excuse and we rolled that roaster out to the street for years. Later I swore by a Weber charcoal grill insisting that the tase of meat grilled  over charcoal was infinitely better than gas.  I wouldn’t use lighter fluid either, I had the chimney with the newspaper (that’s me trying to be green). 

About five years ago I broke down and bought myself a gas grill and it has literally changed my life. I grill many times per week and the only bummer is when you leave the propane open after grilling a single ear of corn and the next time you try to grill you realize it was a $20 ear of corn.  

So my tip for the 4th is this:  Grill!

Whatever way you choose, just remember to turn off the propane and keep the little ones away from the flame.

I’ll be making my famous Raspberry Chipotle Ribs for my new neighborhood 4th of July bash!

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  1. Hi Erin!

    These ribs look delicious! I’m off to purchase the ingredients for my 4th of July BBQ!

    P.S. Did we meet at the Taste of Home Cooking Class in Sacramento? (Chris with Tupperware)

  2. These were hands down the best ribs I’ve ever had! This sauce is so easy and just delicious! My 4th of July guests all went home with the recipe!

    Thanks for amking my Holiday meal such a hit!

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