Blueberry Crunch Donuts-A Borrowed Treasure

Posted January 27th, 2012 in In the Kitchen, Posts

I have to admit I have been suffering from some writers block lately. I have had trouble getting inspired and then I opened my email to find Foodbuzz. Foodbuzz features 9 great photos every day and on this day last week there were BLUEBERRY DONUTS!  I have never made a donut and never heard of a blueberry donut so I got intrigued.  This recipe actually featured CANNED BLUEBERRIES!! So now I got really excited.  I found the site where the post was featured and I really enjoyed it. Claudia from What’s Cooking Italian Style Cuisine is my kind of baker.  She readily admitted to making a mistake and then coming up with a fix and the fix was delicious. This is my personal mantra with baking and cooking, THERE ARE NO MISTAKES. Actually that is my personal mantra in life as well but that topic will be another day.

Claudia gave me permission to link to her post and use her recipe for Blueberry Upside Down Donuts. My first step was to buy a donut pan which I have never owned and now I do which is always exciting. It only makes 6 donuts so I cut the recipe in half. I tried to correct Claudia’s mistake by actually putting the crumb topping the bottom so it would end up on top. It worked fine but I think Claudia got a crispier result doing it the “wrong way”.  Then I didn’t have any milk or white chocolate so the Cinnamon White Chocolate Ganache glaze became a Cinnamon Almond Milk Glaze.  I invite you to try my version or Claudia’s but you should really try them as they are delicious, pretty easy, pretty fast and they look like real donuts you get at a shop.  I intended to give these to my neighbor to get them out of the house but, alas, there is only one left…..


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  1. Omgosh Erin. They look amazing! I’m sitting here drooling.

  2. Im obliged for the blog article. Will read on…

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