Beverages for the Heat of Summer

Posted August 25th, 2012 in Posts, Serving with Style


Here in Sacramento we have had too many days in a row of 100+ degrees.  The ever famous “but it’s a dry heat” has been uttered way too often.  It is hot and there is no sugar coating it.  I traveled to Salem, Oregon for a meeting a couple of weeks ago and here I was in the great, mild northwest and it was HOT!  Not only hot but humid and hot and I finally understood the difference. Humidity does make you hotter. OK I will add “dry heat” to my gratitude list from now on. Then I spoke to my sister who lives in Long Beach, CA, another delightful weather Mecca.  It is permanently 78 degrees with a coastal breeze. She regularly serves Thanksgiving on her patio.  And she was HOT AND MISERABLE!!  talking seriously about adding air conditioning.  So, again, I had to add to my gratitude list because if you live in Sacramento, you HAVE air conditioning.

So all this heat and all this talk of heat made me thirsty and I decided it was high time we talked about cocktails.  Last week in downtown Sacramento it was cocktail week so I think there might have been a collective thirst going on.  Because I have friends who do not drink I usually try to think up some creative mocktails as well.

My daughter Kaitlin and I got together and concocted some really excellent drinks to quench the might thirst of summer.  Not only do they taste delicious but they were beautiful as well.  We made a Blueberry Smash inspired by another blog a couple of weeks ago called Creative Culinary. I made several modifications due to what I had on hand and it was delicious and refreshing.

Because this recipe uses only the blueberries I had the syrup leftover so we made a Lavender Blueberry Martini using some culinary lavender I brought home from my vacation in the San Juan Islands.  I think this was my favorite.  I got to use my dad’s cocktail shaker from the 50’s and the latest family heirloom to land in my collection. While helping my mom clean out a few cupboards we found the fantastic martini glasses with a Fred Astaire character on the stem. My mom bought them in an Antique Store in Detroit, Michigan in 1953 so we estimate they were from the 30’s.  They are quite a bit smaller than the martini glasses of today-a revealing statement on our modern lack of portion control.  But they are cool and I am thrilled to have them!

Raspberry Lemonade is always a summer hit so I made a delicious Oregon Fruit spin on that.  Lastly, I have recently discovered a tea blend that is just the best.   I use decaf Earl Grey with Herbal Meyer Lemon. It is my version of an unsweetened Arnold Palmer and it is fantastic.  I thought it would only benefit from Blackberries so I give you my Blackberry Arnold Palmer.

Chill out!

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