Berry Fest with the Produce Man!

Posted May 18th, 2012 in News in Produce, Posts

Last Mother’s Day weekend I had the tremendous honor to cook on stage with Michael Marks the Produce Man. Michael is a local produce authority and spokesman for Raley’s and Bel Air, local family owned grocers.  Stay tuned to this blog to see the video very soon.

The basic concept was to illustrate a recipe made with fresh berries versus Oregon canned berries and we let the audience decide which was best.  I made a traditional Northwest Crisp with the oatmeal, brown sugar and butter topping. The recipe is easy and works equally well with either fresh or canned berries although some folks actually liked the Oregon Fruit version better! (and they were not members of my family or people I paid!).  Michael was a great host chalk full of interesting produce info and culinary tips.  So nothing went to waste we made Mixed Berry Mock Mojitos with the leftover berry syrup.  DELISH and refreshing!

I also had the great honor of meeting Ryan from Johnsonville Brats. Ryan travels around with the BIG GRILL and writes the daily blog at Big Taste Grill.  Let me tell you this grill is big like you have never seen. It is really a semi truck.  Johnsonville was grilling brats with strawberry bar-b-que sauce for charity and Ryan wanted to try our ribs with raspberry chipotle sauce.  Ryan is a grill master and he judged this sauce to be excellent. You can read his blog here.


Two days of serious speed cooking took its toll and I spent Mother’s Day afternoon in a massage chair getting a pedicure with my daughter.  The perfect end to a great weekend!



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