Academy Award Performance

Posted February 22nd, 2011 in Posts, Serving with Style

If you are following this blog, you know that I have purchased a vintage house/money pit a few months ago and although it appeared perfect in every way, there has been constant construction since the day I moved in. Hosting friends and family has been more difficult than usual but nothing can stop me from planning watch the Academy Awards this weekend with great food and friends. The evening will be well worth it after having to live through my own dramatic movie scene performances.

My mother insisted that a second bathroom was a must so that was the first project we tackled.  Of course my mother was right. (Aren’t they always??) It is BEAUTIFUL!   The plumber finished in about a day and a half so when he proposed re-plumbing my entire house and gave me a really good price how could I resist. Of course it HAD to be done, the house is 85 years old, I mean really, how long does plumbing last anyway?  So the saga began there. What I thought would be a few days work became weeks. Plumbers were here one night until 2am while I stayed awake watching the food network and worried sick about what the outcome might be. Another night, it was 10pm when I finally told them they had to leave. They assured me that all was well.  At 6am when I started the shower (I don’t want to tell you how long it had been since I had a decent shower) there was no hot water.  I went to the basement to check the hot water heater and found a WATERFALL going down the basement stairs!  Needless to say I was horrified and irate.  I calmed myself using all various and sundry meditation techniques and delivered the academy award performance of my life while very nicely asking him to come back and fix whatever.  I couldn’t risk his never returning.  All is well now, plumbing is working perfectly and projects are humming along so now to the REAL academy awards!

The Oscars are on this weekend.  This is the night that women gather to watch the dresses primarily. It’s is our version of the superbowl. There must be snacks.  For a women’s gathering there must be some attempt at health in those snacks and they have to be unique and interesting.  So these Crispy Turkey Tenders with Plum Sauce fit the bill perfectly. If you like, you can use shrimp instead or chicken strips. You can add coconut to the panko bread crumbs for even more variety.  Just make sure your plumbing is working before you invite your friends over.

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