A Taste of Thailand-Cherry Coconut Muffins

Posted December 2nd, 2011 in In the Kitchen, Posts

I get very excited when I come across a new food blogger that actually uses canned fruit.  Recently Foodbuzz highlighted in their “top nine” a fantastic recipe. Wilde in the Kitchen wrote about the smells of Thailand and she made a wonderful Cherry Coconut Muffin that is tremendous.  I love muffins, they smell wonderful, are a comforting treat and are easy to make.  You can whip them up when someone is stopping by for coffee and your whole house smells delicious.  I loved the post mostly because I am planning a trip to southeast Asia in February and it really inspired me.  I made these muffins last night and my house still smells warm and inviting.  These would make a wonderful Christmas morning treat. Most of the ingredients are easy to keep on hand.  Victoria Wilde gave me permission to use her recipe and I invite you to explore her blog and enjoy her unique perspective.  Happy Baking!


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