A Gift of Meyer Lemons

Posted April 2nd, 2011 in In the Kitchen, Posts

Is there anything more wonderful in the winter than Meyer Lemons? I doubt it. This winter, I’m sadly without my Meyer Lemon tree.

I love my new house and my new neighborhood. Having said that, there are always things you miss. Especially if you lived somewhere a long time. I really miss my little neighbor kids, Will, Sam and Cate. (oh and I guess their parents too!).  I also miss my backyard.  My new backyard will be awesome someday as well, but not now.  I had two lemon trees in the backyard. One produced Meyer lemons, and the other Eureka Lemons. I loved them equally but differently, just like my daughters.  The Eureka was prolific to the point of ridiculous. I used to leave 5 gallon paint buckets out in the street full of lemons with a big sign “FREE”.

I remember one year Kaitlin and all her friends were over studying for some high level calculus class and they were getting restless and giggly.  They went outside, picked a bunch of lemons, sat on the porch and ate them dipped in sugar for what seemed like hours. So much for the study group.

The Meyer lemon tree was a bit more precious.  It only produced about a dozen lemons a year as it was  a pretty young tree recently transplanted in the ground.  All through college Kaitlin would come home just as they were ready and ask to take a couple. Allie loved them in her “lemon water”. We shared them respectfully but we always wished for more.  I am working on my new backyard and I have planned a citrus grove with a meyer lemon, kefir lime, blood orange and satsuma mandarin. I will probably be an old woman before they produce enough to make me happy but until then there is always the farmer’s market.

But this past January my friend Kay presented me with an ENORMOUS bag of Meyer lemons.  I have been in heaven for months. There were even enough to share with the girls.  This past week, sadly, we arrived at the end of our supply just as I ran across a recipe in the paper for Ohio Lemon Pie. It really sounded like true homage to these lovely lemons.  I really like berries and citrus together. You might have gathered that from several of my recent posts.  It’s funny, really, since their seasons are completely opposite. But thank goodness for Oregon Fruit.  (I know, shameless promotion!)  But here they were, a can of blackberries in the cupboard, three remaining Meyer lemons and an interesting pie recipe in the newspaper.  Karma, fate, divine intervention-call it what you will.  Delicious. Click here to access my recipe for Ohio Lemon Blackberry Pie.

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  1. I love these products, only problem, I can only get the Cherries in NC, but I am grateful for that. Wish I could get the blueberries.

  2. Hi Joan,

    Thank you for your kind words. We have a number of additional items (including blueberries) in stock at Harris Teeter, BiLo, and Ingles. We also have blueberries, red tart cherries and dark sweet cherries at Wal Mart Supercenters. If none of these work for you, you can buy all of our products at amazon.com. I hope that helps and HAPPY BAKING! The Queen

  3. That pie looks so yummy!Thanks for the recipe. I will try to make it with aronia berries. Good luck on your new backyard!

  4. All of my qsuetnios settled—thanks!

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