A Colorful Salad for a Warm Autumn Day

Posted November 2nd, 2012 in Healthy Eating, News in Produce, Posts

With a large swath of the country suffering through the mega storm Hurricane Sandy, I feel guilty enjoying the last warm days of autumn last weekend.  While biking along the river with the fall color changing I was struck with the fact that most people don’t even think about Sacramento, Ca when they think of fall.  And yet Sacramento is the tree capital of the world with more trees per capita than any city even Paris.  So next time you are looking for an autumn destination you should check us out because the fall color along the American River is amazing.  I had a little last brush with summer and decided to make a lovely Blackberry Salad for dinner.  Of course it ISN’T summer any longer so any blackberries still in the produce section are coming from another country.  So I just reached into my pantry for a can of Oregon Blackberries to make my vinaigrette. Oregon Fruit Blackberries are fantastic due to the fact that they stand up to the canning process so well. They look so close to fresh most people could not tell the difference.

 I found this recipe on a blog called 20somethingcupcakes.com a few months ago and who would have expected a healthy salad from a cupcake site?  But here it is and it was delicious. 

According to Jenna Telesca Fresh Market Editor at Supermarket News, “it’s a good time for produce. Michelle Obama has been telling the nation to eat its vegetables; half the plate has been officially reserved for fruit and veggies; and even fast food chains have been moving to add more produce to their menus.  On top of that, farmers are cool again!”

So here’s to fruits and veggies in every form the more colorful the better and that is what this salad is-fresh, colorful and delicious.

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