What you'll find inside...

Fruit: everyone's talking about it. How to get more of it in your diet? Which ones are "superfoods"? How to get the most nutritional bang for your buck? At Oregon Fruit, we've been canning high quality, colorful fruits and berries for three generations, and we're still passionate about it. Inside this blog, you'll find spectacular recipes, fun food, healthy tips and really convenient ways to get your "fruit" on!

About Oregon Fruit

Oregon Fruit Products is a family owned and operated company located in the Willamette Valley of Northwestern Oregon – The best place in the world to grow sweet cherries and berries! For over 75 years our only business is packing cherries, berries, plums,  and grapes – we are specialty fruit specialists. We gently process just like grandma used to: No colors, additives or preservatives. Inside our can you will only find all natural fruit, water and just enough added sugar to maintain the fruit’s natural sweetness.